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Your Well-being Drives Our Fiduciary Duty

What Is A Fiduciary?

A financial advisor that has the best interest of his client in mind instead of earning commissions, often referred to as "fiduciary" financial advisors. Fiduciaries are bound by law to act with undivided loyalty to their clients. That means they have to put your interests ahead of their own. 

Being a fiduciary means we have a legal responsibility to operate in your best interest and avoid or disclose of any potential conflicts of interest. Our team takes this commitment a step further—defining the term to reflect the candor, expertise and compassion we stick to when serving you.

A fiduciary is someone who has an ethical responsibility to act in your best interest and avoid or disclose any potential conflicts of interests. Our team takes this commitment one step further by defining what it means for them, so you can know how we operate when dealing with all aspects on the spectrum from honesty and expertise through compassion.

We're proud that our staff will always hold up these high standards because they believe in protecting each client's assets while also making sure people aren't cheated out of deserved compensation just due poor advice.

Financial Advisor and Their Clients 

When you entrust your investments to a financial advisor, it's crucial that they are acting in accordance with the best interests of their client. Advisors have discretionary control over these assets which means they can make decisions on behalf without approval from you - so trust is necessary both ways! 

When you work with us, your family and financial life is in the capable hands of a team that’s sensitive to every detail. We always go above-and-beyond when it comes time for big decisions or just answering any questions--we are frank about how we can help but also honest with ourselves if something else might be needed instead!

Independent Advice 

Being independent means we can operate exactly as we believe is appropriate. Our team has a strict moral code, and existing independently means our advisors aren’t pushed to sell certain products for commission without your approval or consent-- because of this it's incredibly important that you trust them explicitly with regard to investment decisions which are in YOUR best interest!

How to Find a Fiduciary Financial Advisor?

All investment advisors registered with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or a state securities regulator must act as fiduciaries.

Once you’ve vetted potential advisors, here's the sort of questions that will help ensure they suit your needs and have minimal conflicts:

  • How do you earn money?
  • What certifications and licenses do you hold?
  • What services do you offer? Who is your typical client?
  • How often do you typically communicate with clients?
  • Can you provide a written guarantee of your fiduciary duty?

While not all non-fiduciaries are necessarily bad actors, it’s easier to ensure that you’re working with someone who has your best interest if you opt to work with a fiduciary. 

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