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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate planning involves the preparations you make to preserve your wealth and transfer it to your inheritors after you pass away. Estate planning is essential to protect your wealth from predatory creditors, over-taxation, and unnecessary probate fees.

Even though estate planning can feel morbid, it’s important not to put it off. Failing to enact an estate plan can cause stress for your grieving loved ones and even place them in financial jeopardy while they wait to be allowed access to your wealth. Additionally, not having an estate plan means that you don’t get a say in how your estate will be distributed.

 Our Estate Planning Services Include The Following:
  • Drafting your will and other estate planning documents to ensure your wealth is distributed to the right people and organizations
  • Organizing, reviewing, and updating your existing documents
  • Optimizing asset titling into appropriate individual, joint, trust, or business entities
  • Identifying and updating your executors and trustees
  • Appointing custody/guardianship for your dependents
  • Tax planning for your assets and inheritors after your death
  • Partnering with your estate planning attorney and other financial professionals

Why Do You Need Estate Planning?

Although you may not directly benefit from the results of the estate plans you develop, your loved ones will certainly benefit. Your estate plans are essentially a sacrifice of your time today to make sure your loved ones are cared for in the future, which is one of the greatest legacies you can leave them. Plus, ongoing estate planning can ensure that your estate documents are continually updated with life’s changing circumstances.

If you experience divorce, the death of a spouse, or the birth of new children and grandchildren, your first priorities likely don’t include updating your beneficiaries on retirement accounts and life insurance policies. But if you forget to update these, your intended beneficiaries will face unpleasant challenges down the road. Our planning services ensure you’re reviewing these on an ongoing basis.

Benefits Of Estate Planning, Dayton Ohio

Estate planning ensures all is in order for your beneficiaries after you pass away. Proper estate planning allows them the time they need to grieve and experience their loss without having to worry about finances, fight with probate courts, or challenge inaccurate information regarding out-of-date documents and beneficiaries.

Estate planning also carries on your legacy. Your estate plans can include your end-of-life wishes and the legacies you intend for your family to carry on when you’re gone. Your estate plans may also include your intentions for charitable giving out of your estate and the ways you hope to give back to your communities.

How We Help

We review your existing estate documents and help you create the new ones you need to outline your wishes for your wealth. We also educate you on the options available to protect your wealth, including trust options and asset titling.

Our firm is home to expert in-house estate planning attorneys, but we will partner with any of your existing estate planning professionals to ensure everything is documented exactly as you wish.


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